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McLean High School 2003-2004
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Classroom management is the key to effective teaching. It is more than just discipline. It includes the way the classroom is set up, the way lessons are prepared and delivered, and the attitude of the teacher towards teaching and towards the students.

Here is a summary of my classroom management plan:

Goal: meet my needs and the needs of my students
I will not tolerate:
  • rude behavior
  • putting people down
  • doing homework from other classes
  • disrespect for people or property


  • will be set by the students with my guidance
  • will include treating others with respect, being on time, and participating


  • will also be chosen by the students with my guidance
  • will include staying after school or writing a summary of our class
  • will be the logical action to take based on the offense
  • can be positive when I give genuine praise, give positive attention, and use Jones's preferred activity time
  • will be invoked in a consistent, fair manner when students misbehave
  • must be chosen ahead of time
  • must be invoked calmly

To prevent misbehavior I will:

  • develop a relationship of trust with my students
  • develop a routine
  • plan interactive and meaningful lessons
  • monitor the students

To correct misbehavior I will:

  • use physical proximity to remind the student to stay on task
  • remove distractions such as phones, personal CD players, and magazines
  • tutor struggling students when necessary

With very difficult to manage students, I will:

  • remove the student from the room
  • discuss the student's behavior
  • work with the student to choose an appropriate consequence
  • stay calm
  • modify the instruction or homework to help the student succeed
  • express to the student that I care about him or her and want to help him or her succeed