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McLean High School 2003-2004
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Philsosphy of Teaching and Learning
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The teacher's attitude towards his or her students can make all the difference in the success of his or her students. Teachers that truly believe they can make a difference, do. The students know when their teacher cares about them. Students will work hard for someone that cares about them and genuinely wants to see them succeed. 

Here is a summary of my philosophy of teaching and learning.
All students have the right to a good education.
  • Some ESL students are at risk of dropping out of school because of the language barrier
  • These students deserve extra services, such as tutoring, to help them succeed
  • Many of these students are smart and educated in their native languages, but need help keeping up in a regular English speaking classroom

All students can learn.

  • Some students believe they are stupid because they are not good at math or science
  • All students have strengths and weaknesses that they can use to help them learn
  • Teachers can adjust their teaching styles in order to utilize these strengths and help their students succeed
  • Based on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences, all students are smart in some way and teachers must build on that

All students should feel safe, smart, comfortable, and accepted in their classes.

  • All high school students want to be "cool"
  • The classroom is the place where every kid should feel "cool" because his or her ideas are welcome
  • Open communication and thinking should be promoted in every classroom
  • The classroom is a place for students to learn to work together
  • Sarcasm and making fun of others is never acceptable behavior
  • Because all ideas are treated with respect, everyone should feel smart

Teachers should help prepare students to be responsible adults that contribute positively to society

  • Students need rules and limits
  • Students need to learn self-control and how to be responsible
  • Students should be taught how to interact with others, think critically, share ideas, and treat people with respect
  • Students need to be taught how to respect those that are different from themselves

Teachers need to be well educated in their content area and should be applying recent theories in education in their classrooms.

  • Teachers should demonstrate mastery of their subject through their classroom discussions and lessons
  • Teachers should know and apply current teaching models and theories
  • Teachers need to set the example of the importance of being educated
  • Teachers need to vary their models and methods of teaching