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McLean High School 2003-2004
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Homework is a necessary part of a well-organized classroom. It allows the students to practice and reinforce newly learned concepts. It also teaches the students how to manage their time, be responsible, and be on time. By using a variety of assignments, teachers can build a variety of skills.

Here is the homework policy I use in my class.
  • Two copies of my homework policy are given to each student on the first day of class.
  • The next time we meet, each student must return one copy with his or her parent's signature on the sheet indicating the parent has read and understands what is expected of his or her child.
  • Homework is assigned on a regular basis
  • Homwork should be neat, clean, and legible
  • Homework must be turned in on time
  • Nightly assignments are due the following class period
  • Students are allowed one late assignment
  • Any additional late assignments will incur a 10% deducation off the grade for each day it is late
  • Extensive projects have interim due dates before the final due date
  • Late projects are not accepted because students know of the due date well ahead of time and should plan accordingly
  • Students that are sick are responsible for getting their assignments they day they return.
  • These assignments are due the following class period
  • Students that know they will be absent are responsible to get their homework ahead of time and must turn it in the day they return
  • Students that are caught skipping class are not allowed to make up their assignments